What happens when a renowned wine journalist with a passion for fine food grounded in the culinary traditions of his Alpine village, joins forces with a young, talented chef to achieve their common vision? The answer lies between the beautifully refurbished walls of the Restaurant de l’Hôtel Communal, set in the midst of Val-d’Illiez, a picturesque village nestled at the foot of Switzerland’s spectacular Dents du Midi mountain range. In this majestic and relaxing setting, you can savor a semi-gastronomic “brasserie-style” cuisine that is sure to please your palate and thrill your taste buds. Chef Thomas Quério’s original recipes, which combine the elements of local culinary traditions, are evocative of dishes lovingly prepared by our grandmothers. While preserving the traditional aspect of “home-style” cooking, Chef Thomas has also refined and brought new “touches” to many all-time favorite dishes. Just the mere reading of our menu will whet your appetite and make you wonder which wine will complement each dish perfectly. No worries – the owner, wine writer Per-Henrik Mansson, will be happy to share his expertise and recommend just the right bottle, which, along with the food, will transform your visit to our restaurant into a mouth-watering experience. And, when it comes to our food preparation, there is no such thing as cutting corners. Our fries, for example, are always made from freshly peeled potatoes. Whenever possible, we use locally grown or produced food, so our dishes impart that all-important “sense of place.” And remember: even the most palate-pleasing meal will not be complete without a dessert. Even if you don’t normally have a sweet tooth (and especially if you do), don’t leave us without first sampling exquisite chocolate or fruity confections created by Aurélia, our young and gifted desserts chef.